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Ultimate Pen

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v1.6.3 - 4.35 MB

User Comments

“This is one of the nicest and easiest to use desktop drawing and writing tools I’ve ever used. The user interface is extremely intuitive, and the entire program is so darn fun to use!”
– Jorge L.

“This is a really cool program. Nice work.”
– Timothy Henderson

“I purchased Ultimate Pen and am loving it. I use Safari for all my college lecture presentations. Safari with SAFT gives me full screen, and (with SAFT set to keep it full screen when switching to other apps) Ultimate Pen makes it the ultimate presentation format.”
– David A. Johnson

“Just wanted to let you know that Ultimate Pen has been an incredibly useful app for me. I teach a traditional animation class, and I view animations directly on my Powerbook. Ultimate Pen allows me to markup animations during feedback sessions. …Ultimate Pen has turned out to be the perfect solution.”
– Danny Ngan, Animation Instructor, University of Oregon

“I tried click-through and it’s great. It will be a wonderful aid. I do behavioral analysis off of QuickTime movies and one thing that has been difficult to set up is visual borders, etc that are criteria for events. Ultimate Pen will let me do this in a very elegant manner. It also will be great for making a demonstration presentation.”
– John Kubie, SUNY Brooklyn

“Very nifty. Great idea and nice clean implementation.”
– Eric Cole

“I have a note pad, plus a “to do” checklist, but the problem with them is that if I don’t open the app, I don’t see the note. With Ultimate Pen, the note is right there on the desktop, every time I come to my computer. For instance, I now have a note on my desktop reminding me of an eBay auction I want to bid on. With other apps, I might miss it, because I forget to open the app to check the notes … but not with Ultimate Pen.”
– Jay W. Fine


4 Stars

4 stars

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