Free Upgrades


  • If you purchase our software on CD, you will not be sent a new CD every time a new version is available. Instead, you will need to download the latest version from our web site.
  • If the operating system undergoes a major change (such as the change from Mac OS 9 to Mac OS X) forcing us to do a major rewrite of our application(s), we will consider that a new product. Our software is based on currently well supported platforms (Cocoa on Mac OS X, and .NET on Windows) so we do not expect any issues of this sort to arise in the next several years. However, the computer industry is always marching forward so at some point these technologies will probably be replaced with something else. We will all have to deal with that change when it happens.
  • Budget Touch is excluded from the free upgrade policy. Maintenance releases will be free. However, we reserve the right to charge for major enhancements on a case by case basis.

Lifetime Free Upgrade Policy

Once you buy one of our products, you own it – forever! You won’t have to pay for upgrades to the software, ever. When a new version of our software is made available, you can download the new version and continue working.

The basis of our free upgrades policy is that we assume 100% responsibility for your satisfaction with our software. We are constantly improving our software by adding new features and fixing bugs, and you shouldn’t have to pay again for those improvements.

You can download the latest version of any of our products from here.

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