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Budget Planner

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v2.0.1 - 3.82 MB

Budget Planner App Preview
What people are saying about Budget Planner

"Budget Planner is a useful application as an add-on to any financial management system you may have."

- Chris Marshall

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Long term financial planning

Develop a plan for retirement, buying a home, paying for college, going on vacation, or whatever other events you can think of. You can play with the numbers for interest rate and inflation to determine how you may do in working toward your financial goals.

Major Features
  • All New Look: All new look and feel for easier use.
  • Improved Inflation Handling: Separate event types for inflation makes it's effects simple to understand.
  • Flexible Plan Time: Plan for one year or plan for thirty years; it's up to you.
  • Define Key Events: Set up events that will effect your overall financial situation.
  • Graphical View: Clearly shows how your plan is doing at any time.
  • Languages
  • English
Trial download limitations
The trial has no definite expiration time; instead during the trial the save feature is disabled. When Budget Planner is purchased you can save plans and open them later, and you will not see any nag screens when launching or quitting Budget Planner.
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