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Budget Planner

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v1.0.4 - 5.91 MB

System Requirements
  • Requires Windows 98 or later.
  • Requires .NET framework (download from Microsoft if needed)
  • 10 MB hard drive space
  • 128 MB RAM
  • Pentium compatible 90Mhz or faster
  • Languages: US English
  • Currency symbols: Uses the currency symbol from the Regional and Language Options Control Panel.
  • Date formats: Uses the date format from the Regional and Language Options Control Panel.
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Reference Documentation

The documentation for Budget Planner is included with the downloaded application under the Help menu. You can also view the documentation online here.

How to Update to the Latest Version

Download and install the latest version of Budget Planner. This will replace your older Budget Planner application with the new application. Be sure to keep your Budget Planner document file(s) in a separate folder away from the application!

Installation Process

Budget Planner on Windows requires the .NET framework to run; .NET is included on most modern computers. The Budget Planner installer will check if .NET is installed and will direct you to download .NET if necessary. You can download the latest .NET framework for free from Microsoft at this page on

The initial file you get from our server is “BudgetPlannerSetup.exe”. It is a small file that makes sure you have the necessary installer technology, then downloads a file named “BudgetPlannerSetup.msi”. The “BudgetPlannerSetup.msi” file is the actual Planner installer.

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