Who are we?

Kyle Hammond - St Paul, Minnesota, USA
Kyle has been creating applications on the Mac OS since 1993. Kyle thinks it's odd to talk about himself in the third person, so there's not much info here. Kyle maintains a personal web site here. Go look at my (I mean, his) personal web site if you really want to know what's happening with me (I mean, him).

Ron Hooper - Springfield, Virginia, USA
Ron's career in the Information Technology field spans 30 years with the U. S. Government. He has worked for the U. S. State Department, the Central Intelligence Agency, and the National Reconnaissance Office. Now that he is retired he does programming in his spare time. Ron created Budget in 1989 as a Hypercard stack. He developed it in C in 1998 and has been distributing Budget ever since. For rewriting Budget for Mac OS X in 2002, Ron enlisted the help of Kyle Hammond.

Snowmint Creative Solutions LLC was founded in 2002 for the purpose of publishing personal productivity software solutions, especially the personal finance software named Budget. Snowmint Creative Solutions is committed to providing the highest quality software with a major emphasis on total customer satisfaction.

We have contributed back to the Mac OS X programming community by making some of our general purpose application code available in the form of open source projects on our developer web site. Any Mac OS X programmer can take advantage of the liberal license of these projects to improve their own applications.

Our products are listed for sale on a variety of other web sites as well. If you’d like to find out more about selling our software from your web site (and earning a percentage of each sale), please visit eSellerate’s affiliate program web site.

Snowmint Creative Solutions consists primarily of Ron Hooper and Kyle Hammond with contractors Marios Karagiannopoulos and Albert Dul.


Snowmint Creative Solutions products Budget (Mac), Budget (Windows), and Budget Touch have been approved for export and encryption by the Bureau of Industry and Security, U. S. Department of Commerce.

Our product Budget Touch provides strong industry standard AES-128 encryption of it’s data file. We strongly advise that you set a password within Budget Touch to better safeguard your personal financial data. If you forget your password neither you nor Snowmint Creative Solutions will be able to retrieve your data.

Snowmint Solutions