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Pay It Down

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download pay it down

v1.4.3 - 4.24 MB

System Requirements
  • Requires Mac OS X v10.3.9 or later.
  • 5 MB hard drive space
  • Language: US English
  • Currency symbols: Uses the currency symbol from the International pane of System Preferences.
  • Date formats:Uses the date format from the International pane of System Preferences.
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The documentation for Pay It Down is included with the downloaded application under the Help menu. You can also view the documentation online here.

How to Update to the Latest Version

Download the latest version of Pay It Down. Simply replace your old Pay It Down application with the new application. Be sure you do not delete your data file which resides in your ~/Library/Application Support/ folder!

Installation Process

The file you get from our server is “payitdown.dmg”. It is a disk image file.

Double clicking on the “payitdown.dmg” file should cause the disk image to mount and appear next to your hard drive icon(s). The disk image is named “Pay It Down”.

If the disk image’s window does not automatically appear once the disk image is mounted, you will need to double-click the disk image itself. This works just like double-clicking your hard drive icon.

The disk image contains:

  • Pay It (may appear as just “Pay It Down”) – The application package. Copy this to your Applications folder or wherever else you keep your apps.
  • Pay It Down License.rtf (may appear as just “Pay It Down License”) – This is a copy of the End User License Agreement for use of Pay It Down.
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