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Budget Touch

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Budget Touch App Preview
What people are saying about Budget Touch

"We use it every single day! Absolutely amazing with the desktop program! Dave Ramsey fans rejoice!"

- C-Dubbs


Budget Touch on iPhone

Budget on an iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad

Tired of living payday to payday? Can’t get out of debt? Try a better way to manage your bank account(s). Budget is based on the tried and true envelope method of budgeting. It’s a much easier way to see where your money is, where it’s needed, and where it went.

Budget Touch is a hybrid app that contains both an iPhone/iPod Touch interface and native iPad interface in one app. Put Budget Touch on all your iOS devices for one low price!

Used with Budget on your desktop, it is an unbeatable combination to help you stay out of debt.

Major Features
  • Reconcile Accounts: Quickly balance your bank accounts.
  • Password & Encryption: Strong AES-128 encryption keeps your data secure.
  • Sectioned History: Organize your transactions by month, quarter, or year.
  • Export Reports: Any report can be emailed to anywhere.
  • Complete Budget App: Based on the envelope method.
  • Sync: Keep data in sync with Budget on the desktop.
  • Simple Transaction Entry: A few touches is all it takes.
  • Languages
  • British English
  • English
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