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Snowmint Creative Financial Apps Snowmint Creative Financial Apps
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v5.0.3 - 10.60 MB

5.0.3 – Windows XP or later

Released Sunday January 22, 2012.

  • Enhancements
    • New reports: Transactions and Envelope Balance by Account.
    • Income Distribution report now shows both budgeted expense amount as well as pay allocations from pay sources.
    • History and Reports window now have settings windows to modify what is displayed.
    • QIF Import now understands a wider range of QIF files.
    • All windows now save and restore their positions between launches.
    • Sync window now displays dots for the password instead of the actual password text.
  • Bug fixes
    • Fixed several issues related to deleting a bank account.
    • Improved importing of classic Budget documents.
    • Fixed possible integrity error when grouping envelopes when one of those envelopes had a transfer transaction as the most recent.
    • Fixed crash when syncing with Budget Touch on multi-core CPU systems.
    • Fixed crash when clicking the built-in icons text in the Appearance tab of bank account or envelope info windows.
    • Fixed possible crash when clicking the Check for Updates button in the preferences window.
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