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Rich Site Summary (RSS) Feeds

What RSS does for you.

Find out "What's New" at your favorite sites. Add Snowmint to your news list along with other sites that you visit frequently and get up to the minute news about your favorite topics. No ad's, no pop ups, just the news. What a great concept! :-)

What exactly is RSS?

RSS is an XML file format used to pass data around. It's generally used today to pass around news headlines, a brief synopsis of the complete article, and a link to the complete article. There are some web sites that consolidate these RSS files into large, searchable databases. However, the easiest way to view just the headlines you want is to get a small application specifically made for that purpose.

For Mac OS X users, we recommend NetNewsWire from NewsGator Technologies, Inc. For Windows users, we recommend NewsDesk from Wildgrape.

NetNewsWire: More news, less junk. Faster

What RSS feeds are available from Snowmint Creative Solutions?

If you have a newsreader that supports the feed: URL scheme (such as NetNewsWire v1.0.7 and later), you can use these links to quickly subscribe to any of our RSS feeds. Otherwise, you'll usually want to copy and paste the http: links into your RSS capable application; sometimes this is known as "subscribing to an RSS feed". Each application has it's own instructions on how to go about that.

Company news RSS feed The company news RSS feed is available at

[Valid RSS]

Forums news RSS feed We have an RSS feed of the latest topics on our forums available at

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