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Budget Updated to 4.3.1 for Mac OS X: easier income allocation
Ultimate Pen Announced: Draw on top of almost any application

SPRING LAKE PARK, MN - November 3, 2003 - Snowmint Creative Solutions LLC, a publisher of personal productivity software solutions, proudly announced today the release of Budget version 4.3.1 and Ultimate Pen. Both applications run great on Mac OS X 10.3 (Panther).

Budget version 4.3.1 includes an income allocation method that allows users to easily set up their envelopes to pay regular bills. There are also several bug fixes for minor problems. This version of Budget has been tested and verified on 10.3; the minimum system requirement is 10.1. The new version is a free upgrade for all current customers and is available to new customers for a price of US$29.95. Potential customers can "try before they buy" by downloading the application from

Ultimate Pen is a new application for drawing on top of other applications. Ultimate Pen has a variety of tools to draw with in a choice of colors, and is pressure sensitive with a pen tablet. All tools have keyboard shortcuts. There is a system wide hot key so it is very easy to start drawing quickly or hide your drawing. There is also a feature called Click-Through that allows your drawing to float above the rest of the applications, while other applications are still responsive to control. You can save your drawing in a choice of file formats, and choose a background for the saved image; this allows you to save a screenshot for later use. There is a Polish translation included with the application. Ultimate Pen has been tested and verified on 10.3; the minimum system requirement is 10.2.

Ultimate Pen is available for a price of US$19.95. Potential customers can download the software from and try it for twenty days (or forty launches) before purchasing it.

Budget is a powerful but simple to use personal finance tool that has been developed over the last five years and used by thousands of consumers around the world. Budget allows users to obligate their money for future expenses, track where they've spent their money in the past, and stick to a budget. The product can also track a stock portfolio, help balance a checkbook, and print checks on any printer. With its integrated long term planning capabilities, Budget is an indispensable personal finance tool for the consumer market.

Snowmint Creative Solutions LLC, based in Spring Lake Park, MN and with customers worldwide, is a publisher of personal productivity software solutions. Led by its flagship product, Budget, Snowmint Creative Solutions is committed to providing the highest quality software with a major emphasis on total customer satisfaction.

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