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Snowmint Creative Solutions LLC proudly announces the release of version 5 for Mac OS X of it's flagship product Budget

SPRING LAKE PARK, MN - January 9, 2006 - Snowmint Creative Solutions LLC, the leader in budgeting software for the Mac, today announced the release of Budget version 5 which adds, Intel compatibility, enhanced data analysis, 3D graphics, and a host of other improvements to its already impressive list of features.

The new data analysis feature provides the user with new views into where they are spending their money and how best to manage their funds to stay within their budget limits. "Budget is the only home finance software for Mac OS X on the market today that is proactive, telling you how much you have to spend for something before you spend it, rather than how much you spent after the money is gone", said Ron Hooper, Vice President of development.

Budget is ready to run natively on the new Intel Macs when they become available. Kyle Hammond, President for Snowmint Creative Solutions said, "The switch over to Intel based Macs should be very simple for our customers. They only have to make sure they have the latest version of our products. All of our customers receive free upgrades, so it's simply a matter of downloading version 5 of Budget and replacing their older application."

Budget 5 is a free upgrade for all current customers and is available to new customers for a price of US$29.95. Potential customers can "try before they buy" by downloading the software from <>.

Budget is a powerful but simple to use personal finance tool that has been developed over the last seven years and used by thousands of consumers around the world. Budget uses the envelope model of budgeting, allowing users to obligate their money for future expenses, track where they've spent their money in the past, and stick to a budget. The product can also track a stock portfolio, help balance a checkbook, and print checks on any printer. With its integrated long term planning capabilities, Budget is an indispensable personal finance tool for the consumer market.

Snowmint Creative Solutions LLC, based in Spring Lake Park, MN and with customers worldwide, is a publisher of personal productivity software solutions. Led by its flagship product, Budget, Snowmint Creative Solutions is committed to providing the highest quality software with a major emphasis on total customer satisfaction.

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