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Ultimate Pen

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v1.6.3 - 4.35 MB

1.3 – Mac OS X 10.2 or later

Released Friday March 25, 2005.

  • Enhancements
    • Added ability to have “Desktop Drawing”. This option puts the drawing layer on the desktop just underneath the icons. Other normal application windows will be on top of the drawing layer.
    • Added another color spot to the tools palette. It can be activated by the keyboard zero key, and can be set to any color using the larger color well next to it.
    • Added a marquee selection tool. This can be used to move drawn pixels around (by dragging the selection), copy a selection to the clipboard (using the Edit->Copy command), or save the selection to a file (using the File->Save Selection command).
    • Can now paste graphics from the clipboard onto the drawing layer. The pasted image can then be positioned by dragging it around.
    • For the Line tool, added an arrow on the end of the line when the Option key is held down.
    • The Rectangle, Oval, and Line tools on the palette now have a popup menu to change their default fill/arrow behavior. The alternate behavior can be easily used by holding down the Option key while drawing.
    • Global hot key can now be a plain Function key (F1 through F16).
    • When saving images, increments the file name so new images don’t overwrite older ones.
    • Added preference for showing the tools window at launch. It’s on by default.
    • Added preference for going to Desktop Drawing mode at launch. It’s off by default.
    • Added preference for going to Click-Through mode when switching to a different application. It’s off by default.
    • Added preference for setting background of the image placed on the clipboard with the Copy command.
  • Bug Fixes
    • Fixed a bug where the drawn line width would not always match up to the preference setting immediately after changing the setting.
    • Fixed a bug where the Save As panel would not show the displays option if a second display was added while Ultimate Pen was running.
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