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Trade Strategist

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"This is a wonderful program and your immediate response is the best support I have ever experienced."

- Michael Anderson

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Master the Stock Market

Trade Strategist allows you to take control of the stock market, by designing and testing trading strategies. With more than 90 built-in functions and indicators that can be combined together in an almost infinite variety of ways, Trade Strategist helps you to distinguish the science from the superstition when it comes to the stock market.

Major Features
  • Strategy Building: Combine indicators and functions into a mechanical trading strategy. Strategies generate signals to buy and sell stock.
  • Charting: Chart any indicator or custom function using historical stock data.
  • Backtesting: Test any strategy by performing simulated trading on historical data. See how much you would have profited or lost.
  • Export: Export or copy data for any function or indicator to other applications, including spreadsheets.
  • Trading Signals: Generate signals with your best strategies to guide your daily trading activities.
  • Free Data, No Fees: Makes use of freely available data from the web. You don't have to subscribe to a data service or pay monthly fees.
  • Extensible: Cocoa programmers can use the Software Development Kit (SDK) to add their own data sources and indicators.
  • Languages
  • English
Trial download limitations
When you download Trade Strategist for the first time, you get the demo version of the application. You can only make up to 5 charts at any time. You can't use advanced functions; take a look at the Expression Library to see which functions are advanced. Purchasing a Trade Strategist Pro license gives you access to the full functionality of Trade Strategist, including advanced functions, signal generation, unlimited charts, and loading of plugins. If you are serious about your trading, you will probably want a Trade Strategist Pro license.
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