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User Comments

"I cannot sing your praises high enough! I just did my first "paycheck deposit" and watched the program automatically put the necessary amounts into each account (envelope) without my having to do a thing! FANTASTIC doesn’t even begin to say how happy I am with this program. I know at a glance what I can spend, and where my money is at all times. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!! I am VERY happy to have become one of your most SATISFIED customers!"
– B. H. Haynes

"Thanks for making Budget for Windows a fantastic product. It is virtually bug-free, and if by chance there are any bugs, you address them quickly. The "envelope" method is the perfect way for me to budget, and as far as I know you are the only product out there that budgets this way. I ousted Quicken for Money and then Money for Budget for Windows. The budget process Quicken and Money presented was really more for people who don’t need to budget. Sort of like the banks only lend money to those who have it! Again, thanks for a great product and great service and allowing me to effectively manage my limited money supply."
– Jim Mertel

"I just purchased Budget for Windows. I’ve only used the software for two days and I am already impressed. This is exactly what I was looking for."
– Chris Hellewell

"I was using Mvelopes and love the envelope budgeting concept but didn’t want to pay monthly or yearly. Budget saved the day, thanks :)"
– Robin Dunbar

"Thank you, your support is as great as your product. Best money I ever spent on software."
– Travis Tackett

"I downloaded your Budget program and I had to tell you – it is just what I have been looking for! Thank you so much. I had a budget set up on paper but when I bought my laptop I wanted to go digital. I have been searching for just the right program and I knew the minute I saw yours that it was what I was looking for."
– Cheryl Powell, Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA

"I am really glad I found your software. Without a doubt, it has helped me more than any other finance program, ever."
– John Nix, Columbus, Georgia, USA

"I am almost sure this is the most effective, easiest to use budget program ever! The colors and icons make it actually fun and easy to use. The whole family gets into it. Thank you thank you thank you for such a great product!"
– Sherri Gillman

"Thanks big time for this product! It has been the key to survival for my family, and I!!"
– Russell Keyes

"I’ve been using your trial verison and I love it!!! This is the best budgeting software ever, I will be telling all my friends about it!"
– Keith Davis

"I just had to tell you how happy I was to stumble across this site. I’m a huge fan of envelope budgeting, but now I do all my banking online. The only envelope software I was aware of was Mvelopes, and I’m simply unwilling to pay $130 a year for the rest of my life. I’m buying this right now. Thanks!"
– Carolyn Connolly

"I wanted you to know that I am very impressed with the customer service that I have received (in Spanish we call it ATTENTION). I have gotten over the problems and I have spent the last hour creating a budget with your program.Ê Although the interface is extremely simple, the powerful features that are packed in the application have won me over. Your information about the Spanish already being packed into the system is good news indeed. I am equally pleased on the prospects for installing the product on my yet-to-be-built-computer. Thank you very much for your kind attention and help. I expect to be recommending this product to many students and friends. … I cannot tell you how pleased I have been with your product and I plan to buy it again for my son when he leaves home for college next summer (August 2008). The power that this program will give him to budget his expenses will be exactly what he needs in order to control his finances in college."
– Mauricio Escobedo

"This is GREAT software! I actually used the envelope method for the last 20 years – I still keep my envelopes and checkbook registers as fond mementos of the hours I used to spend. Your software is the FIRST I found after LOTS of searching that works with my budget method. MS Money and Quicken both….uhm…..well, sorta stink, unless you have more money than you really need."
– Eric Sills

"a really great product. I’ve used others like money and quicken and thought they were way over the top and complicated for me. my excel has always worked fine, but your product lessens the time I spend recording expenses considerably- good work."
– Ashly Ham

"I downloaded Budget for windows two weeks ago and bought it today. I couldn’t be without it any more. Budget for Windows incorporates my two favourite things about budgeting: the envelope system, and showing me that I can not only afford to pay my bills easily, but also have some savings and some fun on our current income.
After two weeks, the program highlighted to me that we had about $200 in unplanned expenses or unaccountable expenses. That’s a lot of money we could have put into savings. Thanks so much for the perfect program!"
– Evelyn Kilday

"Thank you! I would like to let you know that I love your software! And I love how quickly you responded to my questions! Keep up the good work!"
– Nancy L. Cruse

"I think this is the best program of its sort out there. Well done Ron and team. I really feel like I’m on top of my money game now. Your program has helped me big time to see what’s been going on with my cash flow and now my finances are so well organized and yet the system is still so flexible, its a God send. Thank you so very very much."
– Grant McLauchlan

"Not only do you have the best accounting package I have ever found but your support is second to none."
– Sarah Mulheron

"My husband and I have a history of many years with debts. We tried so hard to get out of it, but nothing helped. Instead; we only got into more debts… Then I found your program, after weeks of searching on the internet for a good (but free) budget-program. I found your site and decided to try it, although I was very reluctant to try something that wasn’t free. But it looked so good, that I just had to give it a shot. Well, it was worth every penny!! I’m now using it over 1.5 yrs and can only say: I must be the most happy and satisfied customer you can have! I hate budgetting and doing my administration, facing the reality everyday… but working with your program has gotten me so much insight, so easily.. It is truely a party everyday to do the administration now and the most important thing of all; we ARE getting out of our debts now!!!!! We still have a few debts, but slowly the debts go away. All thanks to your program!! All I can say is; THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! "
– Joyce from the Netherlands

"Thanks for the wonderful product. It got me out of debt a few years ago, and I know it will work for me again."
– "frozen" – from the Snowmint Forums

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