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Budget Touch

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“What a great application! It does a wonderful job with the envelope method of budgeting. The new iPad interface in version 1.3 is nearly perfect. In addition, customer support is incredible. My questions were answered right away, and I contacted them on the week-end. I have replaced my spreadsheet with this app, it is now my favorite app. I have a few suggestions that I am going to submit, hopefully they can make them happen. If not, I know it won’t be because of a lack of effort! Get it now, you won’t be sorry!”
– LP337

“I’ve been a fan of Budget for about two years now, and was VERY anxious for an iPhone application to be released. Simply put, these applications have transformed my finances from a huge mess, to the epitome of order. Prior to using Budget, I had NEVER balanced my checkbook, instead, I utilized the chaos theory of financial management, meaning – if there was money in my checking account, I must be ok! Unfortunately, paying bills became a study in stress management, as I was always robbing Peter to pay Paul and living paycheck to paycheck. Immediately after implementing the ‘envelope method’, I became completely conscious of where my money was being recklessly spent, and Budget helped me reel it back in. Now, I cant see myself living without this software, in fact, when my computer died, I felt I had to get another one immediately so I could continue to track my finances (fortunately, there were enough funds in my ‘electronics’ envelope to cover the purchase!) Now, I have several months salary saved to cover my expenses should anything catastrophic happen. Budget Touch has been a natural extension of the Budget program. I can now enter expenses immediately, and not worry about losing a receipt, and because my phone is always with me, I always have access to a detailed overview of my finances. Additionally, synching Budget, and Budget Touch, could not be easier – it takes just a few seconds to complete over my wireless network, or connected via usb. Lastly, the team at Snowmint have ALWAYS been extremely responsive to my customer services issues, one of which was losing my software key when my computer died and I did not have a backup. They immediately gave me a new key, without my having to purchase a new copy. Customer service such as this is very rare nowadays in my opinion. To wrap it up, if you have found yourself frustrated with your finances, and wondering where your money goes – Budget and Budget Touch are the programs for you – I am confident that you will benefit as much as I have! Enjoy!!”

“I have been teaching the Envelope system to my students for years. I have used desktop Budget for just under ten years. The developer is unlike any company out there. I have a question, a problem, or a recommendation I often get a reply that day. Ideas from consumers have helped build and continue to fine tune Budget. Its a great program. Once that concept registers you cant imagine Budgeting any other way. This app is amazing in itself and completes an all around budgeting system that the desktop version revolutionized for me. It will help you. Take the time to learn the system and your golden.”

“I’ve been using Budget for Mac for years – this company really knows their stuff. But because of the detail of the Mac version, I was concerned that the iPhone App would be a disappointment. But I was wrong – they’ve done it again! I believe this is by far the best budgeting app available – and knowing the developer, it will only improve. Thanks Snowmint!”
-Serious worshiper

“I’ve used Budget for the Mac for years. It’s a good solid product and the creators of that software have created Budget Touch. Now I can precisely monitor our accounts while away from home using the iPhone and later sync. I always know how much is in my spending envelope and I make sure the envelopes for the utilities and savings are funded as well. If you understand and implement the ‘envelope system’ for personal finances then Budget Touch is the perfect tool to help you achieve your goals.”
– DwayneWallen

“I’ve been waiting all year for this little gem. I use Budget for Mac and it has basically changed my financial life. I knew I needed a budget before, but doing it with pen and paper or a spreadsheet program seemed daunting at best. I KNEW I could do better financially with a budget because I had gone gung ho and done a few paper budgets with success….but every month? It just wasn’t happening. Budget for Mac changed that because it’s a very adaptable and ‘rolling’ budget. But…..and this is a BIG but – I’d often go over budget a little because I didn’t have anything with me to know what my budget WAS before I went a’spending….groceries and restaurants were the biggest offenders. Now, with Budget Touch, as long as I sync before I go out – I KNOW how much money I have to spend after about three screen touches! It leads to more ‘maybe I should pass on that expensive desert’ or ‘Do I really need another six-pack of a microbrew when I have beer at home already?’ type pondering – and THAT saves me money! I enter each purchase into the app and I always know ‘where I am’ in relation to my budget. So this app, like a few others I own, works best in tandem with the Mac or PC app (a la ‘Things’). It took me a while to get the hang of ‘Budget’ for Mac (mostly interface challenges), but the developer responds ultra-fast to emails and/or the support forums. Budget covers a lot of bases and situations that seem to force certain ways of interacting with the data that take some learning – but make it a far more powerful program. It’s FAR superior to paper and pen or spreadsheets! In comparison to the Mac/PC app, the iPhone/iPod Touch app is far simpler, and everything is ‘translated’ and synched from the Mac/PC app flawlessly so far.”
– nondualism

“Goodness! Where to start? I thought that the Budget Desktop software was great? With the app, it’s even better. Now I don’t have to go back and remember or look up transactions that I made while out and about-just enter them as I go–touch-click- done! Wi-Fi sync works great.
“This is honestly the first app that I have paid for and my only regret is that I didn’t buy it sooner.”
– Kmaricha

“We have been using Budget for the Mac for 4 + years and it has transformed our financial life! The envelope budgeting system allows you to plan for expenses, whether they are weekly, monthly, or annual. When the time comes to pay those bills, the money is already in the envelope. I am so pleased that this is a fully functional mobile version of the application. The sync is fast, and I love having all my envelopes with me. Thank you for writing this app!”
– douglasland

“We use it every single day! Absolutely amazing with the desktop program! Dave Ramsey fans rejoice!”
– C-Dubbs

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