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“Budget 4.3.3 was the most unique … when it comes to keeping track of your money according to the way you’ve earmarked expenses, Budget is superb. It’s a perfect option for people who prefer to plan spending and saving…”
– MacWorld magazine – April 2004 issue

“Would you believe that financial management can be both easy and fun? It can.”
– MacAddict magazine – November 2004 issue

Shareware Pick of the Month
– MacAddict magazine – December 2004

Review by Chris Marshall

User Comments

“I wanted to tell that I absolutely LOVE this program. My wife and I have always used the envelope paradigm. I created a set of sheets where we would manually record every transaction. That was a lot of work. I have tried Quicken several times but it never worked the way we wanted to track things. We also tried mvelopes on-line software. (What a joke that was!) Your software is very well thought out and functions flawlessly. It is very reasonably priced. I am very impressed. Keep up the great work!”
– Richard Bonine, Jr.

“I just got married last September, and my wife and I stumbled upon your software with our subscription to MacAddict magazine. We were already trying the cash/envelope method of controlling our finances, so we were thrilled to find your program that did this and so much more. January we registered the software and we simply love it. It feels so great to know exactly where all the money is going and not to have it magically disappear from the bank account. It’s awesome! We’ve only been married 7 months and already feel like we’re in complete control of our finances. I’ll never go back to Quicken or Microsoft Money. This program works perfectly- I can’t say enough good things about it. Thanks!!!”
– Grant and Anna M.

“I just wanted to send you guys a quick note. ÊThis is by far the BEST, most practical budget and ledger software I know of, and the price is worth it;s weight in gold. ÊI have been searching for a solid, yet simple app that tracked spending while giving you a true picture of where your funds are from month to month. ÊBudget does this and more. ÊI am truly impressed and pleased.”
– Shaun Moore

“I’m switching away from 8 years of using Quicken to maintain our family budget. I’m really very impressed with Budget. It provides exactly the simple, intuitive approach to short-term planning and budget discipline that I’ve been craving. Wonderful job!”
– Mike Feeley

“We were wondering where all our money was going and we were often scraping to find the funds to pay a bill. Your software has turned all of that around. You have turned accounting (something that has always dried up my brain and made my knees wobbly) fun and straight forward. Because of you and your software we have found the power to save (for the first time in our lives) and we are looking forward to an overseas trip because of it.”
– Renny Willins

“This program has been so great for our family. I’m sure we wouldn’t be living in this brand new house with no credit card or other major debts if it wasn’t for this program getting us back on track.”
– Jeff Russell

“Thanks so much.. you guys are great and I recommend this product to EVERYONE Seriously, it has helped my fiance and I IMMENSELY in paying bills and getting out of debt!”
– Rebecca Ramm

“Just wanted to tell you folks how much I enjoy using the program Budget. I’m a self employed professional musician and find Budget to be a fantastic tool in keeping my finances on track.”
– Toby Walker

“I just have to write to let you know how much this program rocks! I finally have control of my finances! I’m not overdrawing my account anymore because I couldn’t easily tell how much to leave in there for upcoming expenses, and I now always know how much I can spend on things. I also can tell when to pay each bill because I can see when I have enough for it in its “envelope”. It makes it so I actually LIKE balancing my checkbook. I haven’t balanced my checkbook in many, many years. Now I do it every week. Thanks for a great piece of software.”
– David J. Weiner

“You guys are wonderful. I have never seen such consistent, intelligent, polite, and timely responses. I hope you are successful beyond your wildest dreams!”
– Cathy Moore

“Thanks for the fine program, and much more to my liking than Quicken was. The Envelope system of accounting is much more natural for home budgets as it allows you to explicitly set aside money for an expense (obligate it) rather than just list it in a tally sheet.”
– James Ackermann

“awesome program…glad to have it and happy to pay for such a fine piece of software…have been using Budget for years!!!”
– Travis Sibley

“Fast and courteous support. Thanks guys!”
– Michael Wallace

“Just wanted to say thanks for a great product. The addition is proceeding nicely on our house, and thanks to your budget program it is an all cash job. It is truly the best product out there for budgeting. Quicken and Money just go so far over board with all the tax tracking, insurance and paycheck deductible tracking mess that they are too complicated to use.”
– Jan Cooke

“I have gotten better tech support service with this software than any other program I’ve ever used. I love your program.”
– Jim Thornton

“I found Budget very useful… Again, thanks for the software it seems to be introducing me to a world of fiscal sanity that I did not know existed.”
– Cal Harrington

“I am a dedicated user of Budget. I hope you never stop updating it, but even if you did, I would continue to use it as long as it would run on my computer. There are no alternatives that I’m aware of … Quicken 2000 (and 2001) are trash. They don’t even allow you to keep track of accumulated money from month to month. And their technical support is the worst I’ve ever seen. In contrast, your program and the support you offer are the best I’ve ever seen.”
– Dewey H. Hodges

“I have just started using your Budget program. It is great! I have tried many programs including Quicken and MS Money. You program is so much easier to use! I especially like the feel that each budget category is an envelope. The focus is on the budget and the transactions work with the budget rather than the budget being a sidekick to the checkbook.”
– T. M.

“I must say how pleased I am with your software. I am a die hard unix user who recently was bought a powerbook by my company. After getting tired of the complexity of my double entry accounting style gnucash program I decided to see what was available for the mac hoping something might just work. Well indeed my wildest dreams have been realized and your software seems a perfect fit to how I like to budget. It’s simple enough my wife could use it yet still does a good job of tracking things. It’s the perfect balance..”
– Lee Jensen

“Thanks so much for designing such a great app. I credit Budget for giving me a much-improved handle on our finances. I now know exactly how much we really have to spend on a given item, and it’s made planning for larger purchases a much more solid process. By a large margin, it’s the (non-work-related) application I am happiest with on my Mac, and I’ve already converted a couple of friends over to it, with similar feedback.”
– Lee Klusky

“Budget is the BEST application I have ever bought. When used as intended it is nothing less than a wealth generating marriage saver! And fun too! How many $30 programs can claim that?”
– Cindy from Alberta, Canada

“I LOVE this program. It is the best check/budget program I have used. I have used a number, including Quicken..”
– Martin Fogel

“By the Way – this is without a doubt the best budgeting program I have ever used or been acquainted with. I can clearly see where money is or isn’t, where it goes, spending trends, I can’t name all the things about it I like. Thank you for thinking outside the box for those of us who are mathematically crippled.”
– S Morgan

“I really appreciate the personal support that Budget provides. Prior to using Budget, I never so much as balanced my bank account (which almost gave my accountant-mother a heart attack to find out). Now I regularly balance my budget, am in control of my spending, and have managed to save more money than I ever thought I could. I’m so glad to find a software program that thinks like I think.”
– Virginia S

“I just want to say THANK YOU for making Budget for Mac OS X and for making Budget at all. I have been using this program since November of 2006 and it is FANTASTIC. Using this program has made my financial management so much easier and less stressful. It is awesome! The envelope method is far superior to the Quicken methods in use today. I also love the way Budget allows me to manage separate accounts in a multi-document format (one document per account). This makes it easier to synchronize my Budget files (data) via iDisk so I can use it on my laptop when away or desktop when home and also makes it easy to manage my bills bank account separate from my personal bank account. Anway, this program is awesome and I love the way it works. Thanks again for the great work..”
– Daniel Juarez

“Thanks for producing a great product at a fair price! There’s a bit of a learning curve when moving from Quicken to Budget, but I am glad I made the switch.”
– Tony Ingraldi

“I’ve been using the Budget program for almost three years now. It’s helped my wife and I climb out of $14,000 in debt. Awesome program. ”
– Travis R Halverson

“I just wanted to tell you how terrific this latest upgrade of Budget is. Best ever! Thank you so much. The access to transactions and history etc at the bottom! What can I say – it couldn’t be better. Budget has always been a lifesaver (seriously) but now it’s also a timesaver with this latest upgrade.”
– Anna Robinson

“FYI – Migrating from Moneywell to budget. Moneywell buckets (envelopes) have no direct link to the accounts – so there is nothing stopping you from having more (or less) money in all the envelopes that what exists in reality. Fine in theory until its a late night and you make a typo and then 3 months later your trying to work out were that missing $500 is …”
– Ta Shaun

“I just wanted to first say that your software is amazing. Many people have tried to get me to use various budgeting programs over the years, but they always seem confusing – but your is different. In a very short time, my finances have improved, and its all because of this software. Thank you!”
– Scott Bland

“Thanks for making such a wonderful piece of software! I use Budget every single day, and it’s allowed me to really know how much I’ve socked into savings, and what I can and cannot have, which brings me great piece of mind.”
– Patrick Varilly

“I have been updating our accounts for the last few hours. As lame as it is to spend a sunday afternoon doing this, it is a pleasure on your software. I absolutely love the Pay/Deposit Rules feature. It is totally unique and is a genius addition to your program. it took me a few minutes to understand how to make it work, but now it is one of my favorite features. Thanks again for the great software.”
– Michelle Bjur

“Over the years I have tried at least three times to move my paper ledger sheet/budget to the computer and have never been satisfied with the process or outcome. To finally learn my ‘accounting system’ was ‘envelope budgeting’ was a great leap forward. I’ve been using your product for almost 6 months now, and I am finally comfortable with the process, format and outcome. I do believe I’ve made the switch. Thank you so much for your support and assistance when I run into snarls.”
– Irene Hill

“BTW I’m glad you guys are so accessible to users! I can’t remember how many times I’ve written about one problem or another — mostly my own, I should emphasize — and received a prompt, helpful reply from one of you. Thanks again.”
– Tyson & Jean Schoeber


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