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Budget Workbook

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v1.7.9 - 3.47 MB

1.7.3 – Mac OS X 10.3.9 or later

Released Tuesday August 16, 2011. Not released on the Mac App Store.

  • Enhancements
    • Added icon for document file.
    • Category editor now saves the file only if a change was made.
    • More optimizations for speed! The main window displays in about half the time on launch, and switching tabs to display different views in the bottom area is much faster also.
    • Summary view and reports now display only the categories that have transactions in them. There is a preference setting to revert to the old behavior of displaying all categories if you so desire.
  • Bug fixes
    • Fixed calculating date range for “Last Month” when current month is January.
    • Fixed problem when user attempts to open a different file from the Finder.
    • Fixed minor issues with Mac OS X 10.7 Lion (table scrollbar on Summary tab and window restore system feature).
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