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Budget Touch

Snowmint Creative Financial Apps Snowmint Creative Financial Apps


1.6 iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch

Released Thursday September 6, 2012.

  • Enhancements
    • Added the ability to set which envelopes show in each account (Associated Envelopes) and settings are also synced with the desktop.
    • Graph area now has a data table below it containing the exact info graphed. You can drag the table header up/down to show/hide more of the table.
    • Added Retina display version of all icon pack images.
    • Items on balance window are sorted by effective date.
    • Budget report now shows the amount budgeted to the envelope, and if the Pay Source System has been purchased also shows the amount allocated to the envelope.
    • Reminder list is now grouped by “Over Due”, “Due”, or “Scheduled”.
    • Pay details: when you have allocated more money than your income, now displays this in red text with the word “Overallocated”.
  • Bug Fixes
    • When leaving the edit pay sources screen, now only saves the file if a change was made.
    • Fixed default transaction type for bank account transfers.
    • Fixed setting a reminder on a transfer transaction.
    • Fixed recording a check transaction after starting with a default of debit type transaction.
    • Fixed cycling of pay number on record pay screen.
    • Fixed an issue with the save file format not always keeping enough timestamp data. This could have affected the sync process if things were changed both on the desktop and on a mobile device in the same minute.
    • Fixed some minor memory leaks.
    • iPhone/iPod Touch: Fixed button at top of graph area that lets you pick what bank account or envelope to display info for.
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